The Most Popular Living Room Colours

Painting is the quickest and simplest way to change the mood of a room. Over the past year, with people spending more time inside their homes, we’ve seen how important it is to have the right atmosphere in your living room. Home interior trends in 2021 focused on comfort, sustainable luxury and nature. This brought colours that are restful, soothing and natural – greens and warm neutrals replaced cold greys, blues became softer and dusky pinks were combined with warm greys. You only need to take a look at Pinterest and Instagram to see why these colours have become so popular this year.

Here are the most popular living room colours, so you can achieve the right mood for your home.

Little Greene’s Colours of England

Little Greene have recently refreshed their ‘Colours of England’ and ‘Colour Scales’ colour cards, which feature important colours from the last 300 years of interior decoration. 

They’ve added Obscura, a pale blue-grey neutral tone which pairs beautifully with natural floor textures, like jute and coir. This colour is delicate enough to be used on its own or among a colour palette. There’s also Etruria, a mid-tone blue which reminds us of sea-side towns. This colour was inspired by the ceramic work of 18th- century potter Josiah Wedgewood and echoes ancient Greek pottery. These shades of blue bring a sophisticated and calming effect to your living room.

Little Greene also has three shades of Silent White neutrals making it simple to match the tones in your room, from the walls to the internal doors. The warmth across this palette means you can have a truly neutral lounge without it feeling stark or cold. 

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