Kitchen Nightmares: Common Design Mistakes to Avoid in Your Renovation

Saleem Ahmed

Saleem Ahmed

Saleem Ahmed's specialization lies in delivering outstanding and aesthetically pleasing door designs through his creative prowess. His contributions to the field are evident in the way he transforms spaces, offering clients an opportunity to adorn their homes with a fresh and beautiful touch.

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Did you know what’s the secret ingredient for cooking those delicious recipes at home?


But… when it comes to renovating a kitchen, you probably need something more than that… Don’t worry, we are not listing items that cost thousands of rupees. We are just highlighting some common design mistakes to avoid for kitchen renovation.

As the kitchen is the soul of your house. It must be free from any troubles and issues. It should have a splash of color, unlimited functionality, an aesthetically appealing look, and lots of passion to introduce new things.

Making your kitchen stand out positively is no longer a daunting task today. We at Inspirations, know what to include and what to avoid for an inspirational look.

That’s why, today we are going to mention some key mistakes that most homeowners make while renovating their kitchens.

Not Choosing the Right Door Types and Materials:

The worst mistake we all make is, not considering the right types and materials for doors. The fact is, that the right doors and materials have a significantly strong impact on style, functionality, and aesthetics. 

Selecting the wrong door types can disrupt the flow of your kitchen. For example, swinging doors may encroach on valuable workspace, while the wrong material may not withstand the outdoor elements.

When you have to renovate your kitchen, it’s important to choose right door types that are more practical and space-efficient, such as sliding doors or bifold doors. 

Moreover, do not take the materials for granted. Select durable door materials that are also weather-resistant, especially if your kitchen opens up to the outdoors. You can choose from stainless steel, PVC laminated doors, or semi-solid wood doors as they withstand everyday wear and tear while maintaining an attractive appearance.

Hiring the Wrong People for the Job:

The first and foremost mistake every homeowner makes is, hiring the wrong people for kitchen renovations. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so why don’t you treat it like that, huh?

Hiring the wrong people means, destroying the whole look of not only your kitchen but the overall house. Before you hire kitchen contractors for renovation, make sure you check out their portfolio, analyze their credibility and reliability, and find out how many renovations they have done so far. Not only that, but also get references so you have more surety about their work.

Not confirming these things involves you in more trouble. How? You end up spending tons of money just to have a look that goes far away from your dream imagination.

So, what’s the solution? Work with skilled, qualified, and certified kitchen contractors in Pakistan who have years of expertise and wealth of knowledge in renovations.

Bad and Dull Lighting:

Not having enough lighting in the kitchen is just another mistake most homeowners make in Pakistan. And the reason is, they want to save a bunch of rupees on electricity bills – which is totally ridiculous.

Dull and bad lighting in the kitchen is extremely problematic while cooking. Your kitchen must have some basic lighting types which mainly include general ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

  • General/Ambient Lighting: This lighting type diffuses brightness to the whole room (overall illumination).
  • Task Lighting: This type removes shadows and highlights prep zone areas which is usually available in the form of pendant lights or track lights.
  • Accent Lighting: This lighting looks good and adds a decorative touch to your kitchen, it shines on different objects and makes everything look better.

Since we all need enough lighting to cook, make sure you include practical lighting, not just what looks good.

Small Counterspace:

If your office workstation is cluttered, organized, and less spacious, would you be able to manage tasks efficiently?

Definitely, not!

The same goes for your kitchen. Your kitchen must have a wide countertop so you can easily cook, entertain guests, and avoid accidents. We know that kitchen accidents are inevitable, but when you have bigger countertops, you can reduce the chances of any accidents.

Skimping on Cabinets:

Have you ever seen a kitchen without cabinets? 

Probably, not!

Cabinets are extremely essential for your kitchen because a kitchen without cabinets is just like biryani without salt & spices. You can eat it but it’s not the same.

So, when it comes to cabinetry, you can choose from a vast range of options. However, the most popular ones are stainless steel and wooden cabinets. Steel cabinets are more attractive, and durable, and add a sleek look to your kitchen’s interior. 

Wooden cabinets, also look much more traditional, and stylish, and add a polished look to your kitchen’s furnishings. Steel cabinets also work well with different unique colors, whereas wooden cabinets work well with solid and pastel colors.

Ignoring the “Kitchen Work Triangle”:

Imagine you have to run from the stove to the sink, then to the fridge, and back to the stove, every day while carrying different food items. Isn’t it a chaotic scene? 

That’s where we need the proper “kitchen work triangle” concept. The sink, stove, and refrigerator must form a complete triangle, allowing you to move seamlessly between these essential areas. 

Neglecting this basic principle can turn your kitchen into a traffic jam of culinary chaos. So, when you’re designing your kitchen layout, keep the work triangle in mind to ensure a smoother cooking experience.

Cluttered Countertops:

Having cluttered countertops is another kitchen nightmare that typically causes more stress than we need as we cook. 

While it’s easy to keep a busy countertop clean, you should have all the small appliances on the counter as it makes your kitchen feel smaller and tidy.

Keep the essentials on the counters you use every day and put everything away in cabinets. 

Kitchen Renovations are Exhausting. Make them Exciting with Inspirations!

We all know that kitchen renovations are exhausting. However, they turn into kitchen nightmares when you make these design mistakes. 

Before you embark on your culinary adventure, remember to pay attention to the work triangle, shed light on your kitchen, prioritize storage, invest in proper ventilation, and choose the right door types and materials.

If you need more suggestions, contact Inspirations manufacturers and get precious advice about kitchen renovations.