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When we hear the words “French door”, there is a particular image that enlightens our mind. For example, a large pane of glass is sectioned into different small panels that are also called window grids. However, a French door is much more than a simple entry or exit point. It allows light to enter naturally and elegantly and fills your space with sheer beauty.

It’s a type of design that features two doors which open up from the middle. They are fitted as a pair instead of a single door. From classic white to elegant cream, our manufacturers can design any kind of French door for your homes and buildings. Contact us today and let’s discuss what type suits your areas the best.

Where Can You Use French Doors?

French doors have a great edge in terms of design and construction as they deliver maximum light and ventilation – better than your traditional doors. 

That’s the reason, French doors are suitable for a wide range of settings including all outdoor and indoor spaces. You can install French doors at your houses, offices, apartments, and any private facility.

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Why Should You Choose French Doors?

French doors are pretty popular options due to their versatility and durability. Besides being an aesthetically appealing choice, there are plenty of benefits to installing French doors. So, if you are planning to choose a French door for your house or office, read these benefits first so you can decide wisely.

Available in different hinge types including concealed ones

They allow natural light into your space

They are aesthetically beautiful and elegant

Energy efficient choice

Best for both indoor and outdoor living

They have double-glazed and tough glass

Easy to install

Requires less cleaning and maintenance

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