Ashwood Doors

Enliven your home with uniquely designed Ashwood Doors that complement the layout of your house.

Ashwood Doors – Strong, Sturdy, and Lighter in Shade!

Ash is a light-colored and smooth-grained wood that feature straight grain and beige to light brown hues, making it the most attractive option for both furniture and doors. Therefore, people prefer to choose doors made of pure Ashwood as it’s generally stronger, sturdier, and lighter in shade.
Another best part is Ashwood is smooth to touch, unlike other coarse wood materials. You can clean it easily by wiping it with a clean soft cloth. Therefore, we have a team of manufacturers at Inspirations who craft high-quality Ashwood doors that are durable and shock-resistant. The doors we manufacture do not wear and tear with time as we use the special Ashwood which is incredibly strong and dense.
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Where Can You Use the Ashwood Doors?

Ashwood doors are best for indoor or residential use. Since they are prone to termite infestation, it’s better to not install these wood doors externally.

So it’s recommended to use Ashwood doors indoors only like in the kitchen, living room or bedroom.







Why Choose Ashwood Doors? What are their Benefits?

Ashwood is quite heavy and hard, which is why it’s frequently been used in making furniture, doors, cabinets, and wardrobes. It’s best for interior use as it’s not waterproof or shock resistant. Here are a few reasons that make Ashwood doors an excellent addition to your house.

Heavy, hard, strong, and durable

Scratch and damage resistant

Very attractive and uniform appearance

Good finishing

Less expensive choice 

Easy to clean and maintain

Extremely dense and hard

Shock resistant 

Why are Ashwood Doors Popular Among Other Door Types?

There are lots of features that make Ashwood doors a popular choice. Ashwood doors are usually known for their toughness, flexibility, and fine texture. It is available at quite reasonable rates as compared to other wood types. So, if you want to add value to your home, Ashwood doors can probably do that for you without wasting tons of money.
Not only that, but Ashwood doors are available in great designs. You can customize it according to your choice and requirements. This means it is the best kind of wood for your doors in every house and building.

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